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En spektakulär galainvigning på Stockholms Filmfestival med filmen I Daniel Blake av Ken Loach

En spektakulär galainvigning på Stockholms 27:e Filmfestival på Skandia biografen. ”I, Daniel Blake” av regissören Ken Loach är en brilliant film som väckte så många känslor att hela biosalongen berördes av historien. Allas ögon och kinder fylldes med tårar.   En verklig historia som måste ses för den känslan är äkta, för att filmen är äkta och livet är äkta.

Några ord från brittiske filmregissören Ken Loach:

"Thank you for ask me to come and Thank you for sharing the film and particularly in this beautiful theater. I hope you never have the death idea knocking it down because I see theater as a possibility.

It’s very difficult to talk about a film before you seen it and it was an extraordinary film to make. The writer Paul… lives in Scotland I live in England and we send message all the time. Footballs scores and stories.  And the stories we would sharing became all about how people are treated when they are disabled when, they don’t have a job, when they don’t have a house. How they are treated and we hade similar stories. We thought maybe should look into this. So we went to 6-7 diferent cities and towns, and met people.

 An the very first person we met was a 19-year old young man who was in my home town who lived in 1 room in a house provided by charity. He did odd jobs from day-to-day, he had a matrass and a fridge in the room and a lavatory section. Can we ask what’s in your fridge? 

He said yes, and opened the door and there was nothing. Nothing.
We asked do you ever go hungry.
Yes, the previous week he hadn’t eaten for 3 days.
And this was only the first person we met. One boy in a town where you can replicate over and over again.
So we thought we could tell the story of people. Paul wrote a story of a young woman and a man. 

Most of the people that you see in the film apart from 2-3 actors are people who do this in real life.  There are many scenes in the film with full of people that did that job in real.  Until, they were so disgusted of what they had to do, that they left. 
The person that goes to the charity, they go in the real life. We tried to keep it so close the real experience as possible. 
The other thing is, that this treatment of people is a choice. It doesn’t have to be, is not a requirement of how we shall live together. Is a cultural choice of the government in UK, but I think it’s also a choice for many government in Europe. 

The details will be different from country to country but the reality of how we treat who are poor, or who don’t have a job. The point of the treatment and why is so cruel. If you are poor, is your fault. If you don’t have job. You are clever enough, if you don’t have a house, well just get there. 

And I think that is situation of the cause by the economic system as a whole of blame of those governors. And I think that is why we live in such dark times.

Because the poor, are to blame of their poverty.
From my experience in my country, this process was begun by a labor party and the social democrat party".

Festarrangör:  Wonderland

Reporter & Bild: Cristina Funke


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