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Bryan Adams Exposed utställningen på Fotografiska

Hedersgäst var Bryan Adams själv som invigden den fantastiska utställningen som inte enbart innehöll glamour utan även från människor från krigen Irak och Afghanistan som försöker återkomma och återskapa till ett vanligt liv.  Bryan Adams är låtskrivare, kompositör och musiker samt har även varit professionell fotograf i nästan 20 år.

Här är några ord som Bryan Adams uttalade sig:

Some of the portraits you will find it quite disturbing but the reality is what is what’s happening in the world and most photographs were taken of  people that’s had come back literally within a years’ time in the where extremely bad conditions from the wars from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The idea behind the portraits was to amplify the human side of this tragedy and what is happening to people. I kind a feel that every prime ministers who goes into the office should be given a copy of this book to remind them of what the human cost is when you decide to go into war. 

It was a difficult and long project that took 5 years. It was a rewarding project because the money that we raised was a ¼ million pounds to give to the families and people who were involved in the book and to people who were suffering the effects of coming back in combat.

Two different sizes of my work: One is very glamourous and the other is of real people.  Some are with us and some of us are gone but I hope you enjoy it and take some of it tonight.

Festarrangör:  Micael Bindeld

Foto & Text:  Cristina Funke

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