Under Stockholm Design Week presenterar NK Inredning
flera internationella designer men även nya företag som . Designer Arik Levy i samband med Molteni & C. visar sin utällning "In Power 10" med lanseringen av Established & Sons som förstärker NK Inredning sortiment.

Kadi Harjak, VD och kreativ chef på NK Inredning.  ”Bra design är inte bar funktionella men även vacker och bra design har inte heller någon nationalitet. Kanske därför det är internationellt. Vi visa lite mer innovation och kreativitet. Bra design precis som musik och konst så ska även beröra och få en och känna vare sig att göra en glad eller upprörd”.

Nedan är intervjuerna på engelska med respektive designer.
Mr. Arik Levy Molteni & C. asked me to design in Paris, I declined the offer because I think that the bubble that the design industry is putting during 2 ½ days is amazing!. The effort to do something, the energy and the money for just 2 ½ days is incredible.

So I said: Let´s do something with that much impact and interest for 2 years. So I wanted to create an exhibition with an artistic interpretation of what I think the object can be and become; to create a platform; a jumping board of emotions, of memories and personal souvenirs. Is not about what I did but of what you would think when you see the object.

We put the same energy and have a ‘tour du monde’ in all the different locations that we want. Be there, present and tell the story. So they liked the story very much and now we are here. So I will be in Italy, France, Miami London and so on.

How is your relationship with Molteni & C.?
It's emotional and all about people. The world is not about chairs and table but about people. It happens because they wanted and I wanted. It happened because we insisted and persist. You work so much, you invest so much and you show. Is like a pregnancy process. It's very intense and personal. It's really exciting to see the development every time I visit the factory. Its devotion and we never know what will come out of it.
Mr. Pavlo Schtakleff, from the interior design company Sé that started 3 years ago. The concept behind it is that we wanted to start a new brand where we wanted to allow designers in order to create a full range of pieces. And we felt that there was a need for something new in the market; something different but at a high level in terms of production. We are very small in terms of the level of quantity of pieces of what we produce but allowing the designer to have a complete freedom to produce between 10 or 20 pieces.

We try to work with steel or bronze, ceramics, etc. We try to find materials that are not commonly used and join them together. Sometimes you play with wood and ceramic, other times with bronze and steel etc.

In 2008 the company launched its first collection and we recently launched our second collection with Jaime Hayón in London Design Festival last September.

I’ve been selling furniture in London and in the US. So when I came back to Britain, I tried to start up a company that did not work but then I had the opportunity to work with an investor who believed in this idea that I had: to start sell a new luxury brand.

If you look up at the first and second collection, there is obviously a similarity in some of the shapes and forms. Then on each time, we work with the designers giving them as much freedom as possible and try to fulfill the designs to the maximum. At the beginning, we start to work with what they have in mind which obviously is not always what we need.

We work very much hand-in-hand with the manufacturer. Because I think that in the end of the day, they are the key. These people work incredible hard with really special pieces. We try to develop relationship with smaller organization of production. Many of them are based in France. We prefer to work with small craftsmen but it's also about promoting the craftsmen behind. Because without them in the end of the day, we wouldn't be able to set the pieces that we see.

The dialog between manufacturer and designer is really important. We try to promote it as much as possible. Because if we don´t work with them, they are going to fade away and they are part of our heritage and history.

Cocktail Life: Where about do you live in London and what places do you recommend to visit?
I live in South West London in a place call Battersea which is quite young area. It's very much a pub culture and there are lot of different bars around and Clapham as well. My favorite area is Short end and the East end where you have hundreds of different restaurants but one of my favorites is Saint John's (near Spitalfields market) with very English food. This is one of the places that I definitely would recommend to visit.

Very close to there is a very cool market called the Truman Bur. On Sunday's they have street food which is becoming very popular.

Cocktail Life: What do you like to have for drink?
I like Whisky, bourbons, Maker's Mark, Japanese whisky is something I'm getting into a lot.

Cocktail Life: Would you like to add something?
I like everything that is a bit challenging. That's why I like to live in London because is a city which is always on the move with so many things going on.

Ms. Victoria Hamberger,is the owner of Rosenhof Art Factory work for a couple of years with hand knotted and hand crafted rugs. She wanted to drive the collection further with the fabrics and prints so she made “puff’s “the cushions and the prints on the wallpapers.

Victoria recommend: Ritchie and Rouge are good places in Stockholm for a drink.

Restaurant Berns Asiatiska which is lovely for dinner.

I love to cook myself even if my husband is even better. Since I like spicy food, I cook Asian and Indian food.

Mr. Jaime Hayón,What I´m showing here is a selection of pieces that I have been inspired from my country. They are made with different companies. Then with Pavlo Schtakleff we made these handmade pieces.

Sweden is really nice and has very good tradition but is really nice as well to see what’s going on in other places and share the thoughts. Design is about sharing thoughts. It’s about sharing moments. When you really want to do things you can only do thing with full energy and positiveness.

Recommended restaurants in Valencia, Spain: La Llaverna and Mar de Avellanas

Mr. Sebastian Wrong from Established & Sons is the founding director and design development director of the company. Sebastian's role is to essentially oversee see the development of new products to engage the designers on the whole process involving new collections for the company.

How do you organize it?

It's a very organic process. We don't have a program of how to do it. Sometimes you may have a specific material or an area of productions that needs to be focused on. So we direct the designer into this area of interest or we give total free creative brief to other designers, which I think is essential when the strength is established. What's your future plans?

Our future plans are to continue to grow. We launched a new line last year called ESTD, which is no named brand as such, so the identities of the designers are not revealed. However, it's more accessory based range of products. Do you have other upcoming projects in mind?
We have being thinking and considering to make consultancy roles in terms of larger projects. My passion as a designer and maker is about material, production and researching interest. We have spent of a lot of time looking right material and making some very beautiful, unique pieces.

Mr. Maurizio Mussati, CEO at Established Sons lives both in Venice and London. We usually don’t show our products on a department store unless is good enough. However, NK has a good standard. Our company is 6 years old and quite well-known.

Maurizio Mussati recommend the following places in Venice:

* Trattoria Antiche Carampane at Sestiere San Polo, 1911, +39-041 5240165

* Trattoria “da FIORE”, Calle delle Botteghe, +39-041-523 53 10

* Hotel Gritti Palace is by far the best, Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, 2467

Ms. Patricia Urquiola, "The Silverlake sofa from Moroso is designed by renowned Patricia Urquiola. From her studio in Milan she acts in the field of design exhibitions, art direction.  Her series of furniture plays ceaselessly with geometry to create a multifaceted form". is the text over the exhibition label.

Kadi Harjak från NK

Magnus Smedmark

Hans Hjelmqvist från Trendgruppen