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Nina Hagen besöker Bokmässan i Göteborg och spelar på Berns 26/9 i Stockholm!
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Max Nöje: Nina:   You have done so many things in your life from singing to writing.  How would you shortly describe Nina Hagen?

Nina Hagen: I am the baby-daughter of a wonderful father, his name was Hans Hagen, he was a courageous antifashist and suffered torture during worldwar II, my grand-dad was killed in a Nazi-concentrationcamp, my mom Eva-Maria Hagen was traumatised as a child during the war, and became a strong artist, singer and actress, as well as my father Hans, he was a funtastic film-scriptwriter. These two people have taught me my humanitarian values, my ethics, I am, who I am, because of the Love, support and inspiration of my parents .... for sure !

Max Nöje: How come that your started to write a book? Because it requires a lot of energy, time and it's different lifestyle. What what is the purpose and what would you like people to remind / think about you?
Nina Hagen: I want the people to know, that Jesus saved my soul, and he healed my shyness ... so I dared to sing Rock & Roll & The Gospel ! I love GOD & his promise to HEAL all wounds, and give us everlasting LIFE & LOVE! LOVE & LiFE !! and because I love God so much I want to be part of God's Love here, now and forever!!

Max Nöje: Music career. What musicians and what kind of music do you listen to yourself. And what kind of music inspires you once you do your own music?
Nina Hagen: I love traditional gospelmusic, oldschool rock&roll, blues and soul, funk and punk, reggae and ska, gospelreggae, gospelska .... I love political hiphop (not everything of course), I love gospel-hiphop, I love children singing, I enjoy music from all decades! I love Guthrie, Dylan, Baez, Brecht, Biermann, Larry Norman, Rosetta Tharpe, Marion Williams, The Dixie Hummingbirds, Solomon Burke, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Ari Uo from The Slits, Odetta, Mahalia Jackson, Judy Baylie and many many many more.

Max Nöje: Your style is unique and special in a positive way though. How would you describe your style has been in your life. How has it changed?
Nina Hagen: I am the same yesterday today and forever in Christ ! jabbadabbaduuuuuuuuuuu!!

Max Nöje: Please tell us about your current and coming projects.
Nina Hagen: My new rock-album "VOLKSBEAT", produced by Peter Schmidt and Peter Hinthertür, is in the finishing mixing stages, it will come out middle of october 2011, it's a German language rock-album, very political, very personal, also spiritual ...

It's my first German album since the middle of the eighties! I have also become an honorary member of the CONTERGAN-Network Germany, the Embassador of a Christian school in Berlin , I am patroness of GEGEN KINDERARMUT e.V. , http://www.PatVerfü.de and ....and embassador for UMEO, cultural capitol of europe 2014 and we are working on many wonderful projects together!

Max Nöje: Could you tell us about your book and visit to Sweden?
Nina Hagen: I am so happy, that my book "Confessions" comes out in Swedish, this makes me so happy, so now all the people, who know everything about Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren, will now also know and read everything about me! and I love to tour Sweden now again and sing my heart out!

Max Nöje: Max Nöje is about entertainment calendar and recommendations.
Therefore it would be great if you can recommend place to visit

Nina Hagen: I love going to the Christian mission, it's called DIE WÄRMESTUBE ... in Berlin -Moabit ... to support my friends, who are homeless... I want to share everything i have with the people at Wärmestube.

Max Nöje: Could you mention any words, proverbs och thoughts, reflections that you like?
Nina Hagen: O.K. let me quote master Jesus Christ and master Bertolt Brecht:

LOVE NEVER FAiLS ! LOVE ONE ANOTHER ! in Petrus 1.- 5,14 : the word of God tells us : Grüßet einander mit dem Kuß der Liebe. Not only because of (~menschliche Zuneigung), sondern ~göttliche Liebe), das ist dann also ein Kuss der Liebe aus 1Kor 13,5, von der es u.a. in 1Kor 13,5 heisst : "sie benimmt sich nicht unanständig, sie sucht nicht das Ihre (die Liebe hört niemals auf ... LOVE NEVER FAiLS )".

And: Bertolt Brecht
Bitten der Kinder
Die Häuser sollen nicht brennen.
Bomber sollt man nicht kennen.
Die Nacht soll für den Schlaf sein.
Leben soll keine Straf sein.
Die Mütter sollen nicht weinen.
Keiner soll müssen töten einen.
Alle sollen was bauen.
Da kann man allen trauen.
Die Jungen sollen's erreichen.
Die Alten desgleichen.

Bild och text: Cristina Funke, Max Nöje

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